Who is Andre Tricoteux dating? Does he have a girlfriend?

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All of you have seen Deadpool, Right?? Remember the gigantic man of steels, Colossus??

Yes! Today we are talking about his personal life. The role of Colossus in Deadpool is played by actor Andre Tricoteux. And we have some news about his relationship status.

Who is he dating? Who is his girlfriend? Let us find out.

Apparently, the actor is single. There is no any legitimate proof of him dating anyone. But he has shared something about what kind of girl he wants to date.

We have not found any official data of him dating anyone. He must be very secretive about his personal life. Or it might also be possible that he has not found anyone worthy of sharing his life with.

Andre Tricoteux is directors’ first choice to feature him mainly in superhero movies. He is an actor and stuntman. He is best known for Colossus in Deadpool and Orc War Captain in Warcraft. We all have seen him doing stunt in many TV shows and movies. Some of them are Once Upon a Time, Seventh Son, and See No Evil 2.

The actor is tall, fair and handsome. He has a remarkable height of 6 feet and 10 and a half inches. He has been active in the industry since 2011.

His other hit movies and TV series include To the Mat, Divine: The Series, True Justice, The Movie Out Here, Health Nutz, Arctic Air, Once Upon a Time, Continuum, Motive  Bouncer, King & Maxwell, Swindle, Ice Soldiers, Some Assembly Required, Psych, Bad City, Into the Grizzly Maze, Impastor and Warcraft.

Now, his upcoming movie is Kindergarten Cop 2. It’s filming has been started and soon will be out in the theatre.

The critics have to say that his acting skills have been gradually increased with the increased volume of his role in the movies and TV shows.  

Actually, he is basically a stuntman in most of the movies which means he has to do less speaking and less improvising. However, the critics meant his stunt skills have been getting captivating more and more with the increase in movies that he has been playing.

In one of his recent interviews, he shared that he liked action movies right from his childhood. And he feels very content at times when he is living the professional life which he has dreamt long ago.

He said that being a stuntman does not seem easy as it is portrayed in movies. If anything goes wrong, it may even cost his life. Not every time, he is protected in the field, He has to take chances but he believes in the skills he has.

The net worth of the actor is still undisclosed. But we are sure that he earns fairly well given that his is such an awesome stuntman and actor.

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