Who is the boyfriend of ANTM's finalist Mame Adjei? Mikey Heverly or Justin Kim? What's going on?

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Mame Adjei is a very well-known name in the modelling industry. The Miss Maryland USA 2015 was recently seen in the Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model. She garbed the position of the fourth runner-up in this competition.

Moreover, Mame Adjei love relation with Justin Kim on the show hit the town. During the program, Mame Adjei and Justin Kim were seen to have a deep affection for each other. They spent many of their time while in the show and were also paired up for many photo shoot.

Mame Adjei and Justin Kim

Mame Adjei and Justin Kim

This couple was romantically linked during the first episode of the modelling show. The relation that touched the peak seems to cool down a bit.



Is cuffing season still going? #MameAdjei #NEXTmodel #LA #editorial #vogue #cosmopolitan #nylon

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Are Mame Adjei and Mikey Heverly romantically connected?

The relation between Mame Adjei and Justin Kim was going well. Both seem to love each other passionately until Mame confessed that she likes Mikey Heverly very much.

So what’s going on between Mikey Heverly and Mame Adjei? There also came the scandal of this two having sex, which is not confirmed but was said to be heard by Nyle DiMarco and Devin Clark (participants of ANTM).

The thing that’s going on between Mikey and Mame is not confirmed by any of them. Devin Clark claimed that he heard noises that sound like Mikey Heverly and Mame Adjei were having sex.

Mike Heverly from ANTM

Mike Heverly from ANTM

As it was dark so Devin could not surely say that what he accused was true.

So now the thing is no one can really say what happened but Mame Adjei made a bad confrontation with Justin Kim that she was romantically linked to Heverly.

Short bio of Mame Adjei



Mame Adjei was born on 16 October 1991 in Ghana. Before she moved to the United States with her uncle and aunt she lived in Switzerland until nine. She has completed her bachelor's in political science and Africana studies in 2014 from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also a major in business administration.

Mame Adjei in Miss USA

Mame Adjei in Miss USA 2015

Mame Adjei has made various participations in the beauty contest and has holds many of them. She is a model who was the fourth runner-up of cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model. Mame Adjei is also the Miss Maryland USA of 2015 and has participated in Miss USA 2015.

Mame Adjei began her career at the age of 16 and has frequently modelled in many states of the United States.


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