Why Does Brooke Baldwin, Age 37, Has No Signs Of Boyfriend And Husband in Life? Is She Lesbian?

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CNN Anchor Lauren Brooke Baldwin is a well-known personality in the media industry. At present, she hosts the afternoon CNN Newsroom show. Georgia-born Brooke is not known to have married yet nor are there any signs and news about her being in a relationship with a man. What could this possibly mean?

Brooke Baldwin: Secret Boyfriend/Husband or a Lesbian?

Although she is regularly active on social networks, no information could be derived regarding her relationship status. Neither is she married to any man nor does she have a boyfriend. The hot and sexy 37-year-old has all looks and the personality to attract men as well as women. Since she isn’t dating any man, there obviously could be a possibility of her having an affair with a woman! Her Instagram proves that she hangs out with many many women personalities. Could we indeed conclude that she is a lesbian? We cannot. Well, all we can do is wait for the evergreen beauty to open herself to the public eye regarding her relationship status.



The one and only @danabashcnn  #gotthebluememo

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Brooke Baldwin boosts CNN Newsroom rating

Baldwin started her media career in 2008 with CNN and HLN. For many years, Brooke worked for CNN through Atlanta; since 2014 she shifted to New York station. According to Variety, since Brooke’s entry, CNN Newsroom has shined to a whole new level. In early 2015, Brooke, with her exceptional charm and confidence, was able to raise CNN Newsroom audience viewership by 22 percent! The age group was mostly from 25 to 54. She gained immense popularity after Cecily Strong portrayed herself as Brooke Baldwin in the famous live show “Saturday Night Live”. 

Brooke Baldwin Slams Republican Candidate Ted Cruz

Working for a company for 8 years, it is quite obvious to defend for the same if the company is blamed with accusations. Same story with Brooke Baldwin too. Ted Cruz allegedly blamed CNN for having a conflict with his opposition Ben Carson in the Iowa caucus. Brooke took the opportunity to crush ted Cruz through CNN Newsroom to defend her channel and her colleagues.

Brooke: Amazing Personality

Brooke Baldwin is not only a good looking and an independent woman; she is much of an emotional and kind hearted person too. She interviewed an employee, Blue Star from Pulse club, the same night club in Orlando where 49 people lost their lives due to a terrorist shooting. Blue star shed tears as she was explaining the terror - Brooke - off script hugged Blue Star to show her gratitude and support. 


Cuz sometimes you need to give a hug... on live TV. (Thank you @babybluestar and @boisrus).

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Moreover, Brooke is a dog person and has immense for dogs. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her baby nephew (who is absolutely adorable and is a cutie-pie).


Early birthday celebrations with the pug. #BFF

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Wanna see how Brooke was during her student days? Check her out in the Westminster cheerleading team. 

Brooke Baldwin (Top Row - Center) at Westminster.

Brooke Baldwin (Top Row - Center) at Westminster.




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