William Fichtner and his wife, Kymberly getting a divorce after 18 years of married life?

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2016 is not a good year if you are a celebrity couple.

There has been recent split news on actor William Fitchner and his wife Kymberly Kalil. The couple has been married for 18 years.

Rumors suggest that the couple has started their paper works in order to get separated.

They have got one child together. The couple currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic where his TV series, Crossing Lines was shot.

Gossip boards have been filled up with the divorce news of the couple. However the couple has decided to keep their divorce issues private. Due to which, the exact reason for their divorce has not been revealed yet.

But there have been news the actor was in relationship outside marriage. Hearing this Kalil was frustrated and negative vibes started prevailing between the couple and they eventually got split up.

This is not the first time the Underneath actor is getting divorce. Before Kimberley he was married to Irrational Man actress, Betsy Aidem but eventually got divorced in 1996.They have one child together.

It is said that William's relationship outside marriage was responsible for the split up of his first marriage.

Shortly after separating with Betsy, William got hitched to actress Kymberly Kalil in July 1998.Now it has been the time of William to be single again as the couple's chemistry is off track since few months.

For those who are wondering who William Fitchner is, he is an American actor who has appeared in a notable number of movies and tv series. William began his acting career in 1987 as Josh Snyder in television show As the Word turns.

William is a very talented actor who has featured in a good number of movies, tv shows and video games.

On the part of Kymberly Kalil she is an actress best known for her role in Jerry Maguire, Seinfeld and The King of the Queens.

Well, William and Kymberly fans might not get happy with the sad news .The couple had been living well since 18 years.

Even though this news has banged the Holly hotline, the news has not been confirmed by the couple. The couple usually keeps a low profile life away from the limelight. Because of which more or less no information has been gained on this couple.


Well we suggest the couple not to get split that soon. They make a good couple and probably a good family as well. Instead of getting separated, the couple mush throw away their rivalry and misunderstandings and think of leading their family to a better path.


Well best of luck Kymberly and William for their future days.

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