Would the little girl of 11, Ruby Barnhill make $750,000 from Dreamwork Movies?

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Search for Ruby Barnhill in Wikipedia. You will definitely not find it. But now that Steven Spielberg gave this 11 year a break in his upcoming movie The BFG that is bound to change. Remember Drew Barrymore and the movie E.T.

According to TMZ, if The BFS performs well on box office and is a hit, Spielberg has two more acting credits to Ruby’s name. Similarly, her contract for The BFS depicts that she will earn around $85k. Her pay for the first and the second movie will be around $250k and $400k before bonus.

Ruby Hill in the movie The BFG                 Source: Dailymail

Just 11 years of age and net worth nearing a million dollars, Ruby has quite an acting career ahead of her.

The movie is based on children fantasy novel by Roald Dahl and Ruby Barnhill will appear alongside Mark Rylance who will pay the titular character.

The movie was well received on Cannes where it premiered on May and the movie will be released worldwide on July 1, 2016

Check out the trailer here.

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