11 Songs that Carried the Millennials


Every generation has a list of songs which helped them grow with the trends in art. There are many famous artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Britney Spears that became role models of people. Here are the top 15 songs of millennials that can bring back memories right away.

Closing Time, Semi Sonic

The song was released in 1998 and instantly became a go-to-anthem for parties for millennials. It is about giving birth and the life that comes after it.

Bye Bye Bye, Backstreet Boys

Backstreet boys became one of the greatest boy bands in their era and took the pop world to another level with songs like “Bye Bye Bye” and “I want it that way.”

Stan, Eminem ft. Dido

Eminem has made many legendary songs, but one song than still makes the audience fall in love with Eminem in “Stan”. Stan is now a noun and a verb used to address an obsessed fan of a celebrity.

Say My Name, Destiny’s Child

Say My Name, Destiny’s Child

Say My Name is one of the songs that influenced pop music in a different way. It was mixed with R&B, which was only growing in the 2000s. The song also gave Beyonce the limelight to become one of the biggest solo stars.

Hot in Herre, Nelly

Nelly showed the world what he is capable of with a catchy hook in the song Hot in Herre. It became one of the greatest energy anthems for the parties.

Cry Me a River, Justin Timberlake

When Justin Timberlake released his solo Cry Me a River in 2002, it also grew popularity because of the news of Britney Spears cheating on him. It made him the biggest pop star in the world.

Complicated, Avril Lavigne

Avril was known for her taste in music, and her punk style was enough to catch people’s attention. She was only 17 when she released Complicated in 2002.

In da Club, 50 Cent

50 Cent is a gifted rapper who have us In Da Club. It is one of the evergreen songs that still gets played in people’s head when it is someone’s birthday.

Crazy in Love, Beyonce ft. Jay Z

Crazy in Love, Beyonce ft. Jay Z

The young couple introduced one of their powerful track Crazy in Love in 2003, which became a couple’s anthem like fire. Spotify names the song as the most popular in the millennial generation.

Numb, Linkin Park

Linkin Park always had something different for the listeners, and Numb is technically one of their best creations. Today the song has a whole different meaning after Chester Bennington committed suicide for unknown reasons.

99 Problems, Jay Z

Jay Z showed his master class which 99 Problems that still holds many jamming to the powerful music. It is an iconic song which talked about sticking it to the cops during traffic stopover, which is written by a genius.


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