Unknown Scary Spider Needs Identification


We’d love to tell you what species this spider is, but we don’t know yet. It’s so new to science it hasn’t been given a name. What we do know is that it’s a jumping spider with unusually large fangs. It’s hard to say why they are so big, as

they could be used for courtship and mating as well as hunting.
This particular spider is one of between 10 and 15 new species of jumping spider found on a recent expedition to Mount Kinabalu in Borneo – an expedition that has discovered around 160 new species. These discoveries range from beetles to fungi. “Mount Kinabalu carries quite a high proportion of species that are found nowhere else on earth,” said expedition leader Menno Schilthuizen. “Our aim was to find out more about how these endemic species have evolved.”

“From the branching order of these populations, we can tell which is older and which is younger, and that should tell us whether Mount Kinabalu was more like a cradle of evolution or a museum of evolution.”


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