Jenny McCarthy Masked Singer


The Masked Singing competition

is a top show of several celebrities facing each other wrapped in elaborate costumes mostly animal-like creatures, hiding their identity completely.

It is left to the judges, the host panelists, audience, viewers, and even the other contestants to guess who these concealed singers are behind the mask. That’s the fun of it, as many even judges find themselves guessing wrong about the identity of these celebrities even after their performances.


If you enjoy guessing, being wowed, or being surprised with surprises, and it’s pretty much that you’re a good guesser, then this show would be so fun for you as these singers try to throw off the crowd and make you observers keen to pick up tiny clues hidden during their performance.

The audience

but jurors like Jenny McCarthy have always been prone to speculate. She’s like a pain in the ass for the crowd as she underestimates the star behind the mask. The audience has always said that her assumptions have always been clueless.

This brought to their disappointment after she was called back on The Masked Singer show as a judge, but for the fun of it, what do you expect? While Jenny McCarthy has been quite a controversial figure since late, that’s why many audiences have already become sick of seeing her as a judge.

The Masked Singer

became one of the country’s most successful competitive singing shows. It’s a novel idea and amusing celebrity panelist is what makes this series so exciting and entertaining in the two seasons it’s been on the air, with millions of viewers dressing up in various costumes and singing their hearts out on the mystery celebrity contestants.

Other judges like Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong got it rolling with the fans because they really love and like what they each have to say except for Jenny McCarthy.

They say she is too frank and causes a heck of havoc with her loud-mouthed words. So far, Jenny was miles away from that coach if there was yet to be a coach who got every guess right.

There are still always murmurs from the fans when its Jenny’s time to either speculate or make remarks just before unveiling celebrity participants. Fans say her assumptions are usually wrong, and they also find her interruptions unnecessary.

You’re going to hear negative responses from her when other judges give their opinion, even after she had guessed wrong! ‘Anytime someone guesses to answer, she is found interrupting them by saying they’re wrong without finishing.

Ultimately, this is always an important part of this show that fans always want to see and hear her speak. It is part of the show and entertainment, really. Fans also said McCarthy always seems to conjecture that the masked singers are professional singers. In reality, some of the contestants to the mystery are professional singers.

Should Jenny McCarthy remain at the show as a judge? For several reasons and self-opinionated, fans don’t like McCarthy; however, it looks like fans might have to deal with looking at the model for a while.


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