The Best Luxury Family Destinations to Travel in 2020

Family Destinations

The current pandemic situation has slowed down the tourism industry as most parts of the world are closed for international travels. We can see the destinations reopening in the coming months as the threat is controlled with modern medicine. Soon, solo travellers, friends, and families can start travelling again and visit exotic destinations around the world. When you feel safe to be travelling again in 2020, and the government approves international travels, these are the places you can visit.


Mauritius is a known destination for families to spend a luxury holiday while having a comfortable stay. The stunning islands of Mauritius make a great destination for several activities from relaxing on the beaches to visiting the nature reserves or spending time in gold resorts. You can even take a step ahead and visit the local fishing villages, shopping markets, and local restaurants to try out some exotic dishes. There are many resorts in Mauritius which have separate kids programs and activities, which makes it perfect for family destinations.




Thailand is known for its wide variety of food and a friendly culture who are always happy to welcome you. It has more than a ton of glorious beaches to explore. The beach resorts are filled with enough activities for adults as well as kids. The families can take up underwater sports courses from the resorts and explore the underwater world. Thai cuisine is popular for its variety. Parents can also enjoy relaxing massages at the resorts while their children can play safely on the premises of the resorts.


If there is a rich artistic destination in the world, Greece justifies it the best. It teaches us the values and importance of friendships, families, and bond. It can be a great place to reconnect with your family members after a long quarantine. There are plenty of luxury hotels to explore, with maritime cuisines to try at the beaches of Greece. You can hire a speedboat to explore the Greek islands along with your family. There are mountains for being hiked and conquered. The clean blue waters of Greece with colourful coral reefs might be the best part of a holiday destination.


The USA has everything that a tourist expects from a well-developed tourist destination. It has all kinds of holiday destinations that your whole family can expect. From national parks to amusement parks, coastlines, iconic cities, adventure sports, and casinos, the US provides all kinds of activities. You can attend some of the biggest festivals during the different seasons while also having enough for your kids to explore.



The islands of Maldives provide an exotic holiday for couples as well as families. The islands are known for their white-sand beaches and blue waters. It makes a true escape for any family that is looking to connect with nature. The kids can also enjoy the underwater world getting to see turtles and marine lives while submerged within the clear waters. It is a great escape from technology to spend some quality time in nature.



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